Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life at these Speeds - Jeremy Jackson


"For if I act with decency, surely I will not impress indecent people."

"It's difficult for us to compete in one of the least glamorized, least appreciated, least popular sports, knowing full well that this sport indeed is the most primal, the most symbolic, perhaps the most meaningful of all sports. We don't receive recognition we deserve - and you know this as well as we do. Yes, we all like a good show, we all like a good struggle, we want to be pushed, to be challenged from unexpected quarters. We want a certain quantity of the unknown to rear before us periodically so that we might wrestle it down or, more likely, be knocked flat by it and stand up and train harder in order to finally conquer that which had defeated us. That random element is part of the mythic essence of track and field..."

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